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Days starting to run together? Same. I literally wake up in pajamas, put on sweats, put on workout clothes, back to sweats, back to pajamas. You get it. You've probably been there too. The outfits aren't exciting and the days are so long. Luckily I can work from home and stay on top of everything I would from the office. Sadly the scenery stays the same from morning til night. I don't know when the next time I'll wear jeans is, but I will tell you the comfies that are saving my life right now.

This is the only pair of pajamas I will wear right now and I think I have acquired about 10 pairs. I always ask for them at Christmas or my birthday and I love giving them as gifts! The second that butter soft fabric hits your skin you'll get goose bumps and buy another pair. I like to get size Medium even though they run big. I like that cozy, over sized feel.

I have literally told so many people about these panties. I said it, panties. It's a weird word, but let's call it that because once you wear these you won't care what they are called.

The slippers are an important part of the relaxing change. I buy a fresh pair every year (specifically in August) because slippers get so much court time that I need to refresh often. I don't really have a specific color I like. I try and find them on sale, so the color choice usually comes second.

Switching from my pajamas to my sweats takes some consideration depending on my mood. Do I want a full set? Do I want to wear the joggers and a clean white tee? The possibilities are endless and the decision doesn't matter because one more time.... you won't see anyone.

I hope everyone is staying safe and keeping a nice 6 feet from your loved ones!

XX, The Snob Edit

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