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Basics For A Not So Basic Girl

My wardrobe has really evolved over the past, say 10 years? I tried out a lot of different "looks" in college. Many (almost all) weren't it, sis. I look back at pics and literally need to know if my friends were my friends since they let me wear that mini vest to the frat party. Clearly why I stayed single that year...

But I think that time was important for me to realize what exactly fit me and my lifestyle (i'll give you a hint, it wasn't "goth"). And what I've concluded is I really don't like too much color and truly like to stick to the basics. Sure I'll pop on a color every know and then for a flare and to make my eyes really pop with that green, but day to day I'm really the type of gal who likes her neutrals or basics...

That sounds boring, right? Nobody thinks that...

2020 was the year of wearing sweats and it hasn't changed much in 2021. Everyone figured out how to make sweatpants cute! We've done it, we cracked the code, ladies! Flats, sneakers, and even designer uggs (like Gucci and LV making some seriously cute Ugg look alikes) are so in right now and I am buying into it like I own stock to make sure these new mom feet are as cute as the manolo days. I say it's b/c I'm a mom but we all know it's just b/c they are too comfy to get back in my 4in heels. But instead of the typical white tee with jeans (it's a vibe don't get me wrong) these are a few of my "heart eyes" for the not so basic girl- a twist on basics!

Here are my favorites to a casual, comfy, neutral wardrobe that mix and match with ease, yet look like a new outfit every wear. Another tip for the basics is to layer so it always looks like a fresh outfit.

XX, bailee

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