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Bailee's Closet: Spring/Summer Style Guide

As life starts to "kinda" become normal again, I am finding myself going back to my old habits of online shopping when I'm bored. But honestly, I didn't see myself putting a quit to that guilty pleasure, just simply waiting for life to go back to normal. I am already excited about what I'll be wearing after the baby gets here... but TBH I've enjoyed dressing the bump. It's not every day you get to have your body completely change and have the new test to see what fits on the daily! I am so impressed with how beautiful I feel while pregnant. Not because I actually think this bod is beautiful but I know what an incredible gift it is to be pregnant and I cherish the daily reminder of her kicks just how lucky I am.

Enough mushy talk, let's get down to what I'm buying currently. And don't get wild and think all I buy is maternity clothing (because honestly, I haven't bought anything from that department- more on this at a later post). I'm still me, and me wears the flowy and the cool girl looks pre preg body.

So here is a breakdown of everything I've been really going wild for lately!


Chanel version of the Tiva's. I won't lie, but I really judged the whole Tiva thing at first, but if Chanel makes them then my whole attitude changes, sue me, I love everything Chanel does (even if it's fug).

So I jumped on board and I am obsessed. Like a super cute dad who is so trendy, but instead you're a mom who has errands to run. The price tag on Chanel is *covers eyes, peaks with one*, however, there are still some super cute options for a lower price point so you can dip your toe into this trend bc I know it's a little scary.

Maxi dresses have been around, right, like we all have a million. But I am currently giddy over them and all the sudden can't get enough bc to be honest they've really stepped up their game. I am really into the sleeveless long dress look and pair it with booties, my Tiva/Chanels, easy flats and literally it goes from casual on the weekends, to funky and cool for a girls night with a leather jacket, or I know I'm cute at the Country Club with a monochrome scarf to match. It's really all cool.

The color pink has never really made it into my closet. IDK if I didn't look good in it or if I really just didn't care for the color but somehow (could be baby) I am all the sudden DIGGING on the color pink. I keep going for it while online shopping and it's slowly becoming my favorite color? Odd.... bc it's always been black... I'm getting soft.

I'm straying from my typical solid color clothing to opt for fun prints now. I used to think when I bought prints it would be more noticeable when I rewear it but honestly it's such a statement and if you get creative with your outfits it's a really be a cool vibe.

Ruffles are coming back in a big way and honestly I am finally on board. I never dressed super frilly but there is something cool about wearing an oversized, frilly ruffle blouse with a cool mom jean and black out sunnies. It takes the vibe from boring to cool and chic just like that!

Finally, cardigans are coming back to my wardrobe in a big way. I mean, I've always loved the cardi look but know I'm wearing more of a cropped cardigan than a long duster one. It seems almost like an updated version to my wardrobe staple and I am excited to add them in!

XX, bailee

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