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Dupes You Need To Buy

So we all love to get the newest "it" bag, but can we always afford that look? No. It's hard to constantly keep on top of what's hot, what's not, what's in, out, and really what's worth the splurge? There are some things that I keep a watchful eye on and then others that you see a dupe (really just as good) and can't help but go for it because it's a lot easier for your eyes to adjust to that $100 price tag than that $1,000 tag.... you feel me?

I like to online shop every day, keeping up with the latest trends and knowing what's coming down the pipeline. This isn't to say I "buy" something everyday. No no, who can do that?! But I simply add things to my cart and forget they are there. But another thing I really like doing is looking out for dupes. Some good, some bad, but we love the look for less, no less.

1. Valentino Rockstud vs. Dupe , Dupe , Dupe , Dupe , Dupe

2. LV Neverfull bag vs. Dupe

3. SKIMS set vs. Dupe

4. Bottega woven bag vs. Dupe

5. Roger Vivier shoes vs. Dupe

6. Cult Gaia Front Knot dress vs. Dupe

7. YSL sunnies vs. Dupe

8. Bottega Shoes vs. Dupe , Dupe

9. Hunza G swimsuit vs. Dupe

10. Golden Goose vs. Dupe

11. YSL sunnies vs. Dupe

12. Lela Headband vs. Dupe

13. Gucci boots vs. Dupe

14. Lululemon workout pants vs. Dupe

15. Bottega Maxi Jodi Bag vs. Dupe

XX, bailee

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