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$ Splurge Worthy Pieces for Fall $

Fall always brings out the best in shoppers, am I right? The leaves are falling, the air is crisp (not in Dallas, but maybe up North??), and the fall online shopping is like a high. Every year I like to plan out exactly what I am going to "splurge" on and what will be simple fillers i.e. Forever 21 sweaters. I like to act on my splurge pieces when they are on sale or something I know will carry well through many years. I have a math equation for this below.

5 things I'll spend money on: jeans, cashmere, coats, shoes, and bags.

I never think a full outfit needs to be head to toe $$$, but adding in a few items can really carry your look a long way. My only rule with shopping is no spending excess amounts of $ on things you'll only wear a few times. I like to do the cost per wear idea. If an item is $500, how many times do I think I'll wear it? 25, maybe? Okay, so 500/25= $20 per wear. If this number sounds like a realistic number for me, then I buy. If I think I'll only get a few wears, say 5, then that's $100 a wear and simply not worth my investment.

Here are a few of my favs that I rounded up to make it easy for you!

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