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Review: Glossier

My honest thoughts about the uber popular Glossier? Pretty good. For the price point, the adorably cute, pink packaging, I have to say, is one of my favorite beauty packages ever. Over the last (few) years, Glossier has been a hit, so naturally I've done some extensive research for you (but mostly for me).

The first product that I ever purchased from Glossier was the Boy Brow because this was/is the hype man, the superhero that they needed to launch with. I was instantly impressed as this was a pretty new product idea to hit the ladies who needed a quick brow fix. The pigments are rich and it goes on without being too dark or making a mess. It's simple & easy. Which was their whole idea in the beginning (I think, IDK I might be making that part up).

My next purchase was a little down the road in the future, but it was honestly my favorite. I had to take a break from them for awhile bc I knew the second I went back for more my bank account would be in the negatives. But alas, I got the perfume. It came in a cute, pink, bubbled pouch that I still use to this day as my makeup travel case. The smell of this perfume has turned a few heads my way for some time. It smells like nothing else to me. It's almost like the scent of a new store mixed with floral that makes you think of the color pink. I also bought the perfume Solid for my handbag, but TBH it isn't nearly as good. Stick with the good stuff and you won't regret it!

The Balm Dotcom lipsticks come in a pack of three (you can do individuals) and I must say that I have had much better luck with other lip products. I think these dry up quick and don't do the job of keeping my lips super hydrated, especially during these colder seasons!

The Brow Flick was an instant hit with me. I have been growing out my brows for some time and the unruly look they bring me needs some balance in a few areas. I love how this delivers a thick swipe while still looking super natural - the best of both worlds!

Cloud Paint has been a cult fav for a long time and I can honestly say I see the hype here. However, the pigment it gives you is SO rich that honestly I don't need those types of rosy cheeks. Although on a high note, it does take a speckle amount to really make a difference on the skin. So as you might need just a hint, this small bottle can honestly last you 10 years!

Lastly, the Body Hero Lotion gives me this feeling of being a little girl. I think the light shimmer and the fruity, subtle scent delivers something to your brain that makes think of childhood... in a good way. It takes you to a nostalgic place that makes you want to pop the cap again and do it all over. It's one of those things I don't use every night bc as it makes my heart skip a beat, it doesn't necessarily give my skin the moisture retaining properties it so desperately needs. But the fun smell...

And that's the Glossier tea!

XX, The Snob Edit


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