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I still feel like I run out of a product like weekly at this point. IDK if I'm over using or just truly spending all my time at home.... but whatever, I've needed to move some products anyway to prepare for my trigger fingers during the Sephora Sale last week! So here is the breakdown on the good, the bad, the beautiful, the most used.... you get the picture!


Chanel Ultra Le Teint Velvet Foundation: It took me awhile to get through this foundation. And not bc it was bad, but bc it was so sheer that it didn't really cover my puffy eyes or discoloration.... But did I like the actual formula? Yes! If you need an easy breezy weekend look then this is wonderful and lightweight!

Benefit Precisely, My Brow Pencil: I used shade 3.5 and was HOOKED! I just placed an order for this on my latest Sephora haul bc it's the perfect tint for my brows! I like the look of a defined pencil or ABH brow pot using her precision brush for the brows. Anything else makes my brows look bushy ( and not in a good way). Will be a huge believer of this, sad I am just finding it!

Tarte Shape Tape Concealer: This get's the most love/hate from any makeup product I've heard of. I use shade 16N fair-light neutral and it covers my patchy, puffy under eyes beautifully! I just watched my fav Beauty Tik Toker (@Mikaylanogueira) review the new ulta hydrating shape tape compared to the original and she is super good about being transparent and she says it's basically the exact same thing, just used for a quick PR push. So since I'm already stocked up on this stuff I am going to work through my supply. TIP: a little goes a long way! (Exclusively at Ulta)


Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops: These have been my go-to for awhile now. I'm sure if this isn't your first "empties" of mine to read then you've already come across me talking about this product a lot. But I just love it! Now IOP has come out with an actual tanning serum for your face but again, this is something I'm stocked on so I'll be working with the products I already have! I did recently buy the IOP body butter tanner so I'll let you know how I feel about that!

Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask: This has a huge cult following and I honestly have to say I can't get behind it. I didn't even get around to finishing out the product before it dried up on me (about 1 use left, don't fret) and I hate wasting money on products more than just about anything! Plus, the price tag on this is $$ and I never felt it gave my skin the same results as it claimed! Not the biggest Tata fan, but wish I was! Maybe I'll find something one day that makes me change my mind! Tip: keep the box it comes in bc the product doesn't have instructions on the back!

Lumify Eye Drops: This is probably the most random product on this list but I got these in a PR package and I literally just bought them again because they are that good! I get red eyes all the time (maybe the products?) and using these when I wake up not only takes the redness away but makes me eyes feel SO much better! Keeping this is my "kit" forever!

Fresh Sugar Lip Rosé: This is one of those things I randomly buy when I feel like being super boujee and I'm always pleased with the product but know I can find something similar, or better, that is way cheaper. But also.... I keep coming back to it!

Origins Modern Friction Cleansing Oil: I love this oil. I was sent another oil that I am loving so I will keep going with that but Origins makes a wonderful cleansing oil. I never really got into the brand when I was younger and it was like the HOT makeup line, like mature. But I had a sales associate tell me I needed to try this when I was looking for a cleanser one day and I have repurchased several times! Something I think I'll always end up going back to!

Summer Fridays Super Amino Gel Cleanser: So I like this a lot for my morning wash (didn't think it got rid of the day when I used it PM, so AM was better for me) but so many said they didn't love! I haven't repurchased so maybe I didn't love as much as I thought I did but nothing bad to say here!


OUAI Treatment Masque: I'll be honest, I bought it for the smell. I think better products exist for this need. Ouai came out with a new hair mask so I might try that out. Ouai is real hit or miss IMO.

(This is the new version of this product. I just bought this so I'll see if it's better than the old!)

Kristin Ess texture Spray: I was told this is dupe for Oribe texturizing spray and that was a lie. It's not, bc nothing can replace the Oribe spray but since that will run you a nice $50 then I would agree this cheaper "dupe" will work nicely to replace that huge price tag! For those that just want to grab something for a quick spritz of texture and don't really care then this is a really good bang for your buck! However, I'm sticking with my Oribe.

VERB Ghost Prep Heat Protection: So good. I've talked about this a lot. I love Verb products bc they are good but also super inexpensive! This light cream always made my strands feel loved and I liked that it didn't leave my hair in a greasy mess. I paired this with the Olaplex Oil and it was a game changer! I recently got sent some other heat protectants that I want to try out but I can see myself going back to the Oil + ghost prep combo if I'm not smitten with the new one.


Mutha Body Butter: I was really excited to use this for my growing belly but I gotta say, I hate digging a hard lotion/oil out with my fingers (long nails) and so I was a little annoyed having to clean my nails after each night's use. The smell was okay but for the price tag, I've already found something way better that I'll share with you! This is said to be good for growing bumps and just your normal every day skin but it's expensive and there isn't a lot of product so I was let down!

Juice Beauty Green Apple Lotion: I loved this lotion. It's under "clean beauty" and has a good price tag. The smell is something I can't explain but I actually liked it, almost a clean smell. It didn't make me greasy but left a nice moisture to my skin! Will def be buying this again!

Necessaire Lotion: I go through this like it's my job. I don't know how many times I have repurchased this but too many to count is a good sign. My husband used this too, he like's that it doesn't have a smell! I keep one by the bed too and fully mask myself in this from my arms to my finger tips before I go to bed! It absorbs quick and doesn't leave any sticky mess (or smell)!

XX, bailee

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