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I Take Bath Time Very Seriously.

I've always been a big believer in bath time. My mom must have instilled in me that this is what we do every night before going to bed b/c now I can't get into bed without properly bathing before. Just thinking about going to bed without washing my feet sends me into a panic- Like PANIC. This all being said, I love my baths and I take them very seriously.

Let's dive in...

These are just the basics to what I really like to have in my stash.... however, I have lots of soaks that I rotate in and out. I'll dive in with more goodies later to not overwhelm!

Now before you get down to business, I don't need the obvious "don't use lavender bc you're pregnant" or "that has CBD", b/c girl I know and a lot of these products are what I used pre pregnancy so I'm only using products doctor approved! This is just for my ladies who don't have two cares for the pregnancy do's and don'ts.

So I want to share with you all what I think are the most necessary items for the tub.

XX, the snob edit


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