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My Amazon Wishlist

I spend 50% of my time ordering things off of Amazon and the other 50% doing face masks. Sometimes I even buy my face masks off of Amazon. Who's with me?! Needless to say, my Amazon cart can stack up pretty quickly. I see one thing I like, then another, and then get it. Let's be real ladies, we all do it. It's just too easy to hit "Add to Cart". Now, without further ado, I am going to show you what is currently in my shopping cart.

Clothes: In terms of clothing, there are a few things I am dying to get my hands on. Last year I always regretted not buying this Teddy Coat, which will be perfect for the cooler weather rolling in. I also have been obsessed with Paola Alberti's muscle tank, as well as this oversized hoodie dress that I will wear every day this fall. Seriously, every day.

Makeup and Skincare: I always have to have a few makeup + skincare goodies in my Amazon cart. Lorac is known for having the best pigments and color palette, need I say more. Next, Kiko eyeshadow because I am in desperate need of a gold pigment for the fall vibes I want to bring. And lastly, Bath & Body Works Sleep Lavender Body Wash which will complete my nightly bath experience by adding a little splash of tranquility. Something we all need...

Home: Diamonds are a girl's best friend, but candles come in at a close second. First on my list for home finds is this Boy Smells Cedar Stack candle, which will hopefully be my new fav scent. The cedar smell will *hopefully* take me to the deep woods in the mountains of Colorado, instead of in Texas where the weather can't make up its mind about fall. I also added disinfecting wipes to clean my phone/my life. Thank you NEXT, flu season.

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