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Makeup I Bought this Month (& Loved)!

Laura Mercier continues to come out with absolute bangers when it comes to formulas and colors. She recently dropped a new blush and it was like my brain couldn't handle which shade looked good on me. Which thank you LM, such a compliment. But back to business. I picked up the blush in color "Chai" and it has become a nice staple in my transition to fall makeup look.

Another product I can't get enough of is the IT Cosmetics CC cream. I originally purchased this when it first came out and my skin was too oily to wear it every day. Now that I am older, my skin has (kinda) figured itself out (probs due to the 25-step nighttime regimen we got going) so I repurchased. The thing that surprised me most was that it was no longer "light, medium, dark"- it now has a larger shade range! I tried on some lighter shades and found the one that worked for me and now it's my daily go-to.

Huda Beauty's new liquid lipstick has a very wide range of colors, and I gravitated towards "Trophy Wife" really quick. My skin tone has a pink/reddish undertone, so red tones are very difficult for me to wear. For every 20 shades I try, 1 might work out. This "Trophy Wife" color works really well with my skin tone and doesn't seem to make me look too pale. I found it right before my wedding so I feel like it was totes a sign and I'm glad I listened!

I read an article on Byrdie and she mentioned her favorite smudge pot was "Bad to the Bronze" by Maybelline that was once discontinued. Well back by popular demand, it's back on the shelves and it's my favorite smudge pot of all time. It's very rich in color, creamy, goes on perfectly, and so far, doesn't seem to dry out easy. I use my Bobbi Brown Cream Shadow Brush (and my fingers when I can't find my brush) and it glides right over my lids without flaw. I love the color by itself, but you can layer other dark colors to deepen the look *if needed*.

Lastly, Fenty Beauty bronzer is hands down the best bronzer I've purchased. I heard about her bronzer in shade "Inda Sun" and bought it that day. It's the perfect shade of bronze without overdoing it for me. I think what I love most about this bronzer is the fact that it's so buildable and you can't overdo it. I get compliments every time I wear it because people always assume I just got back from the beach. Which is just silly because we all know laying out in the sun that long is THE WORST (but hey, I’ll take the compliment ). So just glow it up with this amazing bronzer so people think you're a world traveler!

Shop these (plus a few favorites)!

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