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Loungewear- TSE Approved

I know you're obvi in a mindset of "stretchy pants only", like me, so I won't get into the politics of all of this. But, in a time when we cannot leave our house, we need something to keep us uplifted throughout our day. Whether you're working from home, taking care of kids, or just drinking wine at 12 pm (no judgement), I hope you find something here that makes you excited to get up and put on a cute outfit...while still being comfy.

Today I put makeup on and fixed my hair, just to grab my to-go order of fajitas and margs at my favorite local Tex-Mex place. Getting in the right head space can really boost your day!

I typically put "real" clothes on at about 12:30 pm and when I say real clothes I mean changing out of my jammie set and putting on some sort of soft pant and baggy shirt/sweater. After all, the only motion we are doing is the motion you do when opening a wine bottle or your fridge. Am I right?


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