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How To Style a Coffee Table; Notes From a Pro

I stopped by to talk to interior decorator, Alison Dale, owner of Harbinger Designs in Dallas, Texas. We picked her brain about what she thinks are some fun ways to make sure our coffee tables are the envy of the block!

Q: When designing the layout of a coffee table, do you need to have a certain color scheme in mind? 

A: I like the accessories to be understated since it’s really the coffee table that should make a statement. I like to mix materials – if the table has a marble top, use a wood tray, and a brass piece to add some interest.

Q: What are some things your coffee table needs to feel complete? 

A: It should feel authentic and incorporate objects you would really use. Of course books are a go-to. A candle, a fun container of matches, or my favorite, a vintage Murano glass lighter.

Q: What are some cheap ways to dress up a table fast? 

A: I love Half Price Books. A table can never have too many books!  

Q: Best places to shop for coffee table items?

A: Etsy for interesting pieces, like a small brass animal figurine, vintage rattan picture frame, or silver tray. Half Price Books and Amazon.

Q: Do you have a specific shape of the coffee table you like best? Or is it simply determined by the room?  

A: I love oval! Great for families with little kids that need to avoid sharp corners. Otherwise it would depend on the room and seating. I love a room with two sitting areas that each have their own smaller coffee tables. And of course mixing it up with a soft ottoman coffee table.

📷Photo via Ashley Whittaker📷

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