Home Decor Under $50

I've decided to take this time to get my house in order. I don't feel super confident adding in larger pieces to my home since, after all, I am no interior designer. Although, I do feel good about buying a few smaller items to fill some voids. I'm a person who likes to change up my spaces ever so often, so spending a ton on the small things doesn't appeal to me as much. Giving your room a fresh feel is what I like. Whether that be faux flowers, a new bench seat, change out tray tables, or even coffee table books. These simple pieces can really give a sense of renewed purpose for a room.

I recently redid my chairs in our library and because of this, I definitely feel like I use that space so much more. I use it not just for reading now, but for after dinner drinks, games, etc. A change can make the room feel new, and it can re purpose the space for something more than it was before.

For the Kitchen:

For the Living Room:

For the Bedroom:

We have plenty of time to splurge on the larger items, but let's not forget the easy pieces that can really make your room, THE room!

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