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My Quarantine Book List

I love reading. I love that it mentally removes you from the world and allows you to jump into a different one where you're focused on someone else and their problems. Too deep? I personally like reading before I go to bed. I find that it helps with my {mild} anxiety, so this is often what you'll find me doing at 9:30 pm. That or a bath, it's a toss-up.

So since not much is going on and you all have time to start reading, here is my list of 5 books that will keep you on your couch for longer than 15 minutes without grabbing a 12th snack of the day.

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo: This book was recommended to me and I would have never come across it otherwise, so thank you Miranda (the nurse) for putting this on my radar. I absolutely loved this book. It's different from my typical murder mystery pick, but worth the change of pace. Every chapter was a twist and turn that I didn't expect. I fell in love with the main character, Evelyn, all while hating her in the same page. This is a book that keeps your attention until the last page. Old Hollywood glamour has secrets you might not expect!

The Woman in the Window: I was taken into a different world, a different thought process on this one. From having agoraphobia to being an alcoholic, this opened my eyes to a different type of human. With twists and turns involving families to neighbors, this book has a lot of mystery that unfolds at very pivotal times!

The Marsh King's Daughter: My BIL told me a clerk at a bookstore in Michigan said that this was the best book he's ever read. I must say, I loved this book even though the premise was so far from my understanding: The Marsh. As told by the woman who lived her life on the Marsh, I had nothing but chills up and down my spine the entire time. I love being captured by a book in a way I didn't expect. Even though I knew nothing of that type of living, this book is so well written that you truly felt like the picture you paint in your mind is the way it was. The imagery was incredible!

The Tattooist of Auschwitz: When I tell you this book changed my life, I mean it. Not in a way that I do things differently, but I look at that part of history differently. Sure, I've visited a few Holocaust museums and read a few other books, but I think I was too immature at those times to truly understand the magnitude of what actually happened during those years of such suffering. As I read this book, based on the man who became the camp tattooist, giving each prisoner their numbers, I became aware of how naive I was before. There were days that I had to put the book down and walk away because hearing these stories would make me sick to my stomach. This depicts an emotional true tale of a man enduring terrible mistreatment, finding love, and trying to make it out alive. A book on my must read list.

The Last Letter from Your Lover: A story of lovers that have a long history of separation. By different paths, money, time, and even their own decisions. This is a book that makes you mad, happy, excited, hopeful, and resentful of how this funny life doesn't always turn out the way you'd hope. As two stories throughout the book turn to one, your mind can hardly keep up with where this path is leading... until you finally read that one sentence. The one that ties the whole book together like a perfectly packaged gift.

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