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12 Home Decor Pieces To Make Your Space Pop

You buy a new house, move into a new apartment, whatever it is you have to get furniture and decor to spice it up. And more importantly, you have to find the right furniture and decor for the perfect spots. Filling in empty spaces in your new space can be so daunting, trust me. I am in the middle of this whole ordeal with my home. Larger spaces can be even harder to fill, but I've honed in on a full proof way to make it work. The trick is I combine and add in small objects (with a big personality) to more neutral, larger furniture.

There is nothing more annoying than filling a space with beautiful things and then thinking to yourself..."What's missing?!" Well after months of that dreaded thought, I have rounded up 12 fun adds to make any room pop!

I am currently filling in a huge bookcase with decor and the amount of hours I have spent adding, rearranging, and changing is unbearable. However, after this whole charade, I think keeping it "clean", adding in a few knickknacks, and finally calling it good is the way to go. My relaxed method of looking like I did a lot is really starting to get easy!

XX, The Snob Edit


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