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Best Packing Necessities for Travel

The anticipation leading up to a trip is SO exhilarating. The thrill of traveling to somewhere new (or old), the excitement of trying some fine cuisine, and the incredible sites to visit. I could go on. But, let's be real. There's one thing that we all DREAD about this whole ordeal. Say it with me...p-a-c-k-i-n-g. I've over-packed, I've under-packed, and from time to time I've gotten it right (finally). I've learned after all of the trials and errors there must be something to it. Something that would make it all so easy. The algorithm? Simple. Here are the key things you should always pack when going on a trip.

1. A pair of jeans. If I've said it once, I've said it a million times. You cannot, I repeat cannot, go wrong with packing a pair of denim in your bag. This is part of your fall-back outfit, if not your everyday outfit. So, do yourself a favor and pack that fav pair of jeans. I tend to always pack my Frame Denim because they fit these curves. JUST. RIGHT.

2. Always pack a spare outfit in your carry-on. I always bring along a black yoga pant and T-shirt just in case my bag is delayed or lost. I make sure I have the bare minimum for beauty supplies, too! Ya know...the face wash, moisturizer, travel toothbrush, foundation and mascara. So like, basically make sure you can get through 24 hours without a bag of your must have goodies.

3. A sound machine. This seems silly even if you don't use one at home, but let me tell you.... I've been to places without a fan, with noisy neighbors, and dead silence that is stifling. I started to pack a sound machine after a random talk with a lady on flight who suggested it. Sweet Brenda, thank you for talking my ear off and giving me one of the best tips I've ever received whilst on my travels.

4. I like to pack a crossbody bag and clutch for my travels. The crossbody is great for all of your daytime activities! And the clutch is perfect for a night out on the town or even when your shoulder is numb from your crossbody. The key is to always pack them both so you can switch off.

5. A tip I've learned one too many times is to always pack a bathing suit. I cannot tell you how many times I have been somewhere that I've needed one and didn't have one. For example, a Vegas trip in the middle of Winter. Now why would I need a suit when these chilly tatas are not going outside for a dip? Well... shortened version, spa day got cut short because I forgot to pack my suit and no way will I be that naked girl sitting in the Jacuzzi making everyone uncomfortable. Moral of the story, trust me on this one, always pack a bathing suit.

6. Find your "uniform" and pack accessories to spice it up. Here's my go-to look: jeans and a blouse/tee (day to night) and change it up by vamping your hairstyle, adding earrings and lipstick, shoe swap... you get the idea. Keep it simple and add to your outfit so it looks elevated from day to night.

7. Lastly, scarfs are the most versatile packing piece. Planes are always freezing! I like to be prepared for the cold front of reused air and wrap up with my scarf, roll it up and take a nap on it, or put it over my face when my neighbor is coughing up a storm. I've also used my scarf as a wrap for my swimsuit when I forgot my pool cover up - THAT IS CHIC, ladies. The possibilities here are endless.

XX, The Snob Edit


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