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The Best Bags to Travel With

Airports just bring out the worst in people, am I right? I feel like I get 100% more stressed when I reach the security line and have to empty out my snacks, laptop, and iPad... then I have to remove my shoes, double check I packed my liquids correctly. It goes on. It's like, I just packed up all this stuff and now here I am making a mess of my perfectly assembled snack sequence bags. It's such a hassle.

Needless to say, I am forever looking for tips and tricks to make my life easier for when I hit the road. So, I decided to start with the "what I used to pack" (because obvi my 13 lipsticks, 2 scarves, and 3 phone chargers isn't the real reason for why traveling is hard). So why not make your gear-carrier the chicest you can find, all while being super convenient?

This carry-on bag from Béis was literally dreamed up by Shay Mitchell (from PLL) specifically for traveling. She uses the phrase #shaycation as she travels and was so tired of not having the perfect bag for this purpose, so she took matters into her own hands and created her own. From one world traveler to another.... she knows her sh**. This bag is designed so that every part of your packing needs has its own space-can you say GENIUS!

$98 (shop here)

A few luxury items have the key to my heart and this Christian Dior Tote was love at first sight! The structure of this bag makes it so easy to pack and it never loses it's form. The size of this tote makes it so you can also use it daily, which you'd hope was the case with the price tag...Sometimes we need to splurge!

$2,595 (shop here)

Looking for an indestructible bag? I've got just the thing! I am obsessed with this L.L. Bean camo tote that literally has a canvas polyester shell and a waterproof lining (you can also add initials!). The possibilities are endless with the amount of activities that could be done with this thing. Staying chic while traveling, I might add.

$35 (Shop Here)

Going to the gym? Yeah. How about the airport? Yes, I am. Get a bag that can make it all happen with the Think Royln Wingman Tote Bag that comes in 9 colors! The possibilities of color combos with this bag are endless. 100% Nylon for an easy water resistant shell (+ can double as a pillow if you really had an emergency).

$188 (shop here)

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