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7 Things to Never Travel Without

1. Disinfectant wipes: Whether you’re on a plane or bus, at a hotel or beach, you need to be prepared to wipe down everything before parking it. I travel with disinfectant wipes in my carry-on because Every. Thing. Is. Filthy. I feel like washing my hands with soap and water while traveling does practically nothing, so I always follow up with a disinfecting spray or wipe to make sure I am as clean as possible.

2. Cream face mask: Personally, my fav for traveling is "Jet Lag Mask" by Summer Fridays. It's not scented and its light weight and absorbs quickly (and they even have a mini travel version). Plus, it fits in all of my carry-on beauty bags. After I disinfect my station, I'll add my face mask liberally all over my face (I travel makeup free if I can avoid it), let it absorb, and then I’m on my way. I also use it for a primer, which makes it easy for once I land to run to the bathroom and add a touch of color to my already primed face!

3. Travel steamer: I can steam and iron my clothes all day, but after I unpack them, they always look like they have been sitting on "that chair" in the corner for about 3 months. So, I unpack (I try and pack hangers if I have room) and steam my clothes as soon as I get to where I am going so the rest of the week isn't spent running around trying to make sure all my outfits are ready. This tip is very high up on my priority list.

4. Scarf + Jacket: Even if I don't have room in my suitcase or carry-on, I carry a thick cashmere scarf and denim jacket. Denim because it can be layering for cooler weather and it is light enough for summer days. I also always pack a large, thick scarf because I am typically always cold on planes and it's nice to have something you can either use as a blanket or pillow! Trust me, this is the biggest thing to not miss out on!

5. Fiber Bars: I always pack 2 or 3 fiber bars because I know if I have a flight delay or if I’m running to catch my connection, I will lose my mind if I am too mad and hangry. I think it's always smart to carry some sort of easy-to-pack snack since you can never know how your travel day will plan out and when you'll be able to eat next. Also, PSA to drink tons of water!

6. Change of Clothes: Spills, lost luggage, life…you get it. An extra change of clothes is an easy decision for me to throw in yoga pants and a T-shirt just case something comes up and your luggage doesn't make it. Lost luggage is literally the worst but this is a nice way to stay prepared!

7. A Pair of Denim: There is no place I can think of going that a pair of jeans aren't welcomed! I've had outfits that last minute made me cringe and seriously judge myself. The quickest fix to a bad outfit is to switch to jeans and make it casual chic! Everyone has that one pair of favorite denim that always make the trip! I've been a tried and true Levi's 501 skinny (or these) and these are like the Traveling Pants that somehow work with every size, age, and personality!

XX, bailee


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