Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2020


I won't lie, this year is not my favorite sale. Not saying the things I bought weren't good (bc they were), but the overall selection was a snooze IMO- Buzzkill. But I am going to show you what I got and what I put on my wishlist and migggghhhtttt just have to go back and do a second sweep. I'm notorious for doing like 4 or 5 passes of the sale b/c you know, shop and return what doesn't work and max out the card again buying more things we may or may not need.

***Protip: If you only spend a small amount every time you feel like you're not spending a million dollars.

Sitting on my phone shopping until I drop (every year) for the Nordstrom Sale!


MY WISHLIST (by category):

XX, bailee

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