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So due to Covid I feel like I am running through products right now. Maybe bc I'm like always at home? Either way, it's turned out to be great because then I can really start moving some products (ya know, to make room for new stuff). But also going through some of my favorites but don't worry because when I like something I buy in bulk.... like I have all these Necassaire lotion bottles and Jergens shower Lotion ready to go/ the are currently decor on my dresser. Pro Tip: decorate your room with your fav products on hand instead of hoarding under your bathroom sink. ( I do both).

Let's get down to business and discuss what's been on my list lately.


Chanel Eye Makeup Remover: A friend gave me this and I was hooked instantly. There is a difference between a cheap eye makeup remover and a really good one (not just talking about price). Now is this something you need to splurge on in your nightly routine? No. I would go for the better face wash if you can only splurge on one item. But this is a def must try if you're a real junkie!

Glossier Brow Flick: So this product I loved in the beginning but then the formula slowly got weird on me. It turned into this yellow-ish/ orange color that wasn't the shade of the actual formula. It took a few shakes and a few test patches on my hand to get the color right. Not that this was that big of a deal, however, it was a little annoying. But I now have a new brow pen that I love even more and it delivers a better pigment stroke.... details to come later...

Drunk Elephant TLC Night Serum: I don't have a clue what this was supposed to do. I've had it for a year. Not worth the price tag.

Ole Henriksen Melting Cleanser(discontinued): If you're in to the gel like, creamy textured makeup remover then this is for you. I prefer a more water like substance (like Chanel above). This does actually feel really good on the skin and it's nice to have something sit on your skin and condition it before removing the makeup. A good remover, will take note!


VERB conditioner: The thing I love most about this product is the tiny price tag. Verb does clean products and I really like the small owned brand that comes from Austin, TX. A small company with a huge product! Everything I have tried from this company is awesome and I keep going back for me.

OUAI conditioner: Do I even need to get on my soap box and talk about how much I love the Ouai products yet again? I doubt it. But I will say, the smell is my favorite part of their products and that a lone is worth it....

Amika Hair Mask: I realize now I am sharing 3 different conditioners but I've been doing a lot while spending this time at home. I do a mask about once a week and let it sit in my hair for 10 minutes before washing it out. I am trying out a new mask after I finished this one off... One hint: It's a new Ouai product (I know, I know we are ALL shocked).


Isle of Paradise Tan Drops: This has made its way into the rotation a few too many times. But it just does the trick. I use this on my face mostly since it's very light, doesn't smell and doesn't clog my pores. But I'll mix it in with my body lotion and give myself a nice glow. I always go for the green color (medium) and it give my skin a boost, a glow, not a deep tan but I like the hint of color it gives me!

Joy Body Wash: If you're looking for a company that gives back, this is for you. When you buy this product, that is helping a portable shower truck hit the streets and help homeless get a clean shower. Vegan, cruelty free, sulfate-free this has all the right things included.

Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer: On my 5th bottle now? IDK but Im hooked. This also gives me such a good, subtle glow. And TBH a really good moisturizer too! I just barely blot my skin when I get out of the shower and apply it all over when I'm still wet and let it sink in. I actually prefer this over using lotion bc it's such a simple step!!

XX, bailee

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