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Nécessaire The Body Lotion- This is weird because when I first got this lotion I was super unclear what all the hype was about. But then once I finished the bottle and used a diff one I was like, okay back up, that was actually amazing. It is made up of clean ingredients all in a super chic packaging (we can't deny we love good packaging). What's not to love? So now I'm on my 3rd bottle with two waiting to be used. It's my go-to lotion!

St. Tropez In Shower Gradual Tanner- Nah, pass. I used to think this did wonders on my skin, but then I realized it was taking forever in the shower and I was v over it. Plus there are so many other amazing sunless tanner options... so this one got tossed with half a bottle left.

Biossance Deodorant - Another fail for the clean deodorant trial. I felt like my skin was about to be rubbed off every time I put this on due to the lack of moisture in this deodorant stick. Look, I don't know if I got a bad stick (does that happen??) or if my skin just didn't like what I was putting on it, but I smelled, hurt, and literally couldn't get rid of this product fast enough.

Ouai Body Scrub- Loved this because of the way it smelled. But over time I forgot I had it, waited, and it was past its prime and turned into a goo....oops. But you guys know how much I love all of the Ouai's products so this one was on me...sleeping on a good product. If not for the scrub our skin needs, get it for the smell. Trust me.


Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream- Kiehl's is the quintessential starter designer skincare so that means it's fab quality, good price, and gentle on the skin. The perfect trio to land a spot in my beauty regime.

A lightweight cream that really gives you hydration and a touch of life. I use this specific one in the morning because it's light and my skin just drinks it up. Like a tall glass of water for your skin!

Context Vitamin C All Day Eye Cream- I got this in my Allure Beauty Box and it was good, but I wouldn't purchase this on my own. It's more of a gel-like substance that I kept in the fridge so the cooling effect was great, BUT it didn't like to stay a gel for very long. Once it hit the warmth of my fingers it instantly turned into liquid, making it hard to get it under my eye...

Caudalie Facial Mist- I love Caudalie and I'm not sure why? It gets very mixed reviews. I love the full size mist as it sits so pretty on my vanity and the travel size is amazing for your bag. I'm not sure if I love the tingling effect or the smell better, but either way I continue to buy this every time I got to Sephora!

The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid Serum- My skin has started (since I turned 30) to get SUPER dry. Like I never had dry skin before. I'm talking dry with an end of the day gloss of oil that never seems to soak in... Pretty picture, right? You're welcome. My skin really needs a drink of water, so any hyaluronic acid serum will do...but with The Ordinary's price tag it's hard to compare. More bang for your buck on this one.

Glow Recipe Watermelon Moisturizer - Another amazing product that you didn't know your dry skin needed is THIS! I love this brand because two women joined forces after like 20 years combined in the industry to create this amazing brand, Glow Recipe. They use actual watermelon (watch the process on their Instagram) which contain a crazy amount of benefits for hydration. Everything I've tried from this brand I've loved!

XX, Bailee

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