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Top 5 Ways to Fight the Dreaded Puff

We all wake up with the extra puff and inflammation around our cheeks, eyes and neck- it’s just a part of life unfortunately. Sometimes the best way to prevent this extra puff is to chill out on the second (or third, no judgement) serving of chips and salsa. Sometimes it's slathering your face with every cream and rolling tools you can find until the fluff & puff subsides. Personally, mine is adding a lil extra salt to my chips and letting my beauty regimen do the work. I use these 5 methods below to de-puff before an event or before heading in to work when I've had one too many martinis the night before- SO worth it!

See below for the 5 ways to get that fresh-faced glow we are all shooting for (without breaking the bank)!

1. Ice Roller- Ice is known to help reduce skin swelling, so I like to simply rub this tool around my eyes and face to instantly give myself more of a dramatic neckline. 

2. Jade Roller- I found this tool a little over a year ago and to prove to my husband that it truly worked, I rolled one side of my face and let him be the judge. The verdict was in and my face was drastically slimmer on the side I jade rolled. This natural stone stimulates blood flow, improves collagen production, tightens skin around chin and jawline, and helps remove lymphatic drainage (watch video to use correctly).

3. Facial Massage- This facial massage is just a simple move with your hands in the morning. Use your cleanser and massage your whole face for about 3 minutes.  Personally, I like to use my Clarisonic massage head for this to ensure I am getting the best pressure. 

4. Eye Patches- The older we get the more the area around our eyes age with us. I help protect this area by using a heavy eye cream at night and a lighter one in the morning. When I have more time, I always use my trusty eye patches to give an extra pool of hydration to de-puff the bags under my eyes. They work just as well after a day of work or before an event to help you look bright-eyed and bushy-tailed! 

5. Face Mask from Clarins- This Clarin's mask has been my go-to for a quick and effective all over facelift. I try and leave mine on longer than it says to really absorb in as much as it can. Even with sensitive skin, this mask doesn't over dry my skin or make me breakout. 

XX, bailee


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