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The Blonde Shampoo You Need

I have been blonde, brunette, and even a red head. I’ve seen the world as all hair colors and I will say..... blonde is easily the best. The world is different as a blonde. In my opinion it's more fun and freeing. However, maintaining the blonde lifestyle is easier said than done. I've been testing purple shampoos out for years and didn’t even know I was my own guinea pig for this experiment until I found the perfect one I wanted to share with you all. So there’s that.

I try and use this purple, frothy, perfect shampoo in my hair routine once a week. Sounds minimal, but when I’m only washing my hair twice a week that’s a big percentage of my hair product real estate. I always go in with the blonde shampoo second, because you know my thoughts on double washing your hair esssspecially if you infrequently wash your hair. After trying this product, trust me, your hair will never be the same.

I like to leave my purple shampoo in for a minute to ensure it's getting the strands on a blonde level that is desired. Although *fair warning* leaving it on too long could result in looking like a purple haired lady at the donut shop on a Sunday morning. We aren't going for that look, sis. So give it a good look over and then stock up with this wonderful (feeling and smell) shampoo by Amika!!

XX, The Snob Edit


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