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Skincare Routine For The Beauty Junkie

My nightly routine could easily be classified as …. intense. It hasn't been until recently (say the past 2 years) that I have become so obsessed with skincare that my night routine takes about an hour. Yikes! When I was little, I would go in my moms bathroom and mix all her products to make mush/toxic waters. I never made anything worth using, I was like 5, so not yet a self proclaimed chemist. If you haven’t noticed I am a “self proclaimed” everything, it’s how I function.

So I want to first say that my skincare routine changes often. Come ask me my nightly routine in a month and I might have found a new product I am loving, can't live without, need to write a whole review on it. But that’s okay. It’s okay because our skin can get used to products, start to build an intolerance to products, medicines we take can make us more sensitive, you find a product that works even better! There are so many reasons to change up your routine, just do what works for you! So I like to start with a face steamer (after the typical double cleanse) to open my pores. Then I go over my skin with the Dr. Dennis Gross Peel Pads (these things are no joke). After my exfoliate pads I apply a toner or essence while my skin is still damp. This is a K-beauty step that most of us are missing but really do need- K-Skin is NO JOKE- I do whatever they tell me to do when it comes to skincare, swear. At night, I apply my eye cream (and caffeine cream) to my under eyes as well as top of my eye bone (under eyebrow). In the morning I only add to my under eye to make sure I am hydrating that sensitive skin before adding heavy concealers. Hyaluronic Acid comes next. The only way my skin holds moisture is via the holy grail of Hyaluronic acids and for that, I thank the brand The Ordinary.

I add my acne creams/medications/retinols first to let them completely absorb into my skin. This is an important step to not skip at night. The benefits of retinol has really changed the texture of my skin completely and allow me to max out my botox appointments.

If you follow me, you know I am big into face masks. I would say I do a face mask about 4 times a week, ya know, for good measure. I love how much serum that adds without doing a thing! It’s so simple to get max benefits and multiple serums with using face masks. There are a ton out there and it’s hard to know which are working. To help, here are a few of my absolute go-to’s! Farmacy, Glow Recipe, Dr. Jart, Lapcos.

Finally, I use a Frozen ice roller on my face to close my pores! Hot steamed to open our pores and now we are cold rolling to close our pores. Lock it all in with moisturizers to seal it off. AND THAT’S IT! Can you believe we are already done? Big LOLs


Please leave me a comment/DM on Insta if you have any questions about my routine or products!!

XX, The Snob Edit


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