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Flying. In a Pandemic.

I feel like our world is SO confusing right now and traveling is one of those tough things to do.

I recently flew on a full flight and I wanted to give anyone feeling panicked about traveling my honest thoughts.

I did a lot of research on what was going to be the most effective as far as cleaning my area. I don't think you can go overboard at this point; but this is from a girl who loves wearing her sheet masks on airplanes and gives 0 fx if you stare at me.

With that, let me tell you what all I packed to board the airplane.

So I had this wild idea at night (like don't all good ideas come at night?) that I needed like a toilet seat cover but for my airplane seat. Bc aren't they about the same thing? Thought so.

I got these really cool seat covers that come two to a set and although I got some odd looks, I knew they were secretly jealous that I had a cover and they didn't.

I always, always, take a scarf with me on the plane! It gets cold, you need a neck pillow, and now, certainly now, you need a face covering. So this .... is the perfect scarf for any traveling!

I wore my N95 mask on the plane just because Blake had one for me. Otherwise I would have worn one of my masks I got in a set of 3 that I love. I had to have masks that were easy to breath in and also easy around my ears!

A ton, I mean A TON, of alcohol wipes. I wiped down my arms rests (as well as the seat's over) and my tray table, window, AC vent.... All of it. I couldn't get enough. I smelled like I doused my body in alcohol and again.... didn't care.

I randomly watched a travel blogger talk about what she packed on an airplane and she always packs this little tube of Ponaris with her for her nose. It helps with dry nose and almost has a lubricant for any randoms to pass that way. It smells a little like Vicks so I feel like that smell helps really anything so I use it! It has 4.5 stars and almost 1,000 reviews so like, it's got to be good!

Oh, and a good book to distract yourself! ;)

XX, bailee

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