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I love sharing the products that I completely run dry because it lets you in on exactly what's working and what's getting a second (or third) buy! Being a beauty hoarder I realize that if I buy something more than once, it's safe to say it's going to be a staple in my cabinet. And trust me, I'm a tough critic.


1. Oaui Texturizing Hair Spray: The Holy Grail of texturizing sprays! I won't lie when I tell you that this is probably my 10th repurchase of this stuff, it's that amazing. It doesn't give me that crunchy, thick feeling like other texturizing sprays leave you with. I never use hairspray (too sticky), so this is the closest thing to it that I'll get. And when you get texture and can build up that style all while giving it a nice hold...why would you turn to anything else? PLUS that too good to be true smell of Oaui products...10/10.

2. Verb Ghost Prep (heat protection): This creamy, lightweight hair treatment is another item that I've repurchased several times. The simple, clean smell of it is to die for, and the way it mixes well with others - plus it doesn't leave a nasty residue on my hair. I like to mix this with my oil based Olaplex and run it through my damp strands to make sure I'm protecting my hair before I add high heat to it. V important.


3. Saranghea Face Wash: I've talked about this product before. While I started using another face wash (I'll let you know how I like it), this was a favorite of mine for so long. There is no hiding I love a good Korean face product, and this is simply one of the best that I've found. My only reason for switching washes was because I needed something fast and found one at Sephora, plus you must buy this face wash online. TBD if I go back to it, but I have a strong suspicion that I will.

4. Nuria Eye Cream: This eye cream promises to take away dark circles and puffiness and as someone with both, I'm here to say it really does work wonders. With its rich, creamy, and hydrating formula, it goes on easy and is fast to soak into your skin. I have searched high and low for a good eye cream and this has been a top pick for me!

5. Paula's Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid: This got SO many 5 stars that I had to try it out for myself and I must say that I saw a difference after just one use. This was a gifted product, but I absolutely need to get my hands on it to restock my beauty cabinet. Since I have sensitive skin, I did not use it everyday like they suggested, so instead I used it about twice a week to clear out any dead skin cells that I might have. I try and exfoliate my skin only twice a week (because that is what works best for me), and trust me when I say this took a long to time to discover!


6. NÉCESSAIRE The Body Lotion: I recently took back my original 1/10 rating for this lotion. Let me explain...When I originally bought this lotion, I was not interested in clean beauty. And this was a total miss on my part, I'll admit. I felt like other lotions were giving me more hydration, but after a few hours with this, I realized the no scented, quiet packaging of this lotion spoke louder when used then sitting on my shelf. I used it all up and repurchased two more bottles. My only issue is just how fast I run out of this stuff - so let's just say my opinion has changed and it swung so far right!

7. Lord Jones CBD: I recently started getting some mild anxiety that only really happens in the evenings right before I'm about to get my much needed shut eye. So after my nightly bath, I started taking this CBD oil (1 drop under my tongue, leave it there for 60 seconds, and swallow) and I have noticed such a difference in my sleep. Although I love this product, it does go SO fast and I'm left feeling like I need my wallet is empty. It's a little expensive for what it is and I feel like I can find a better option.


8. Elta MD Sunscreen: This got a lot of buzz on my insta stories and it's for a good reason! I had a sunscreen from Amazon that I loved, but then I got a sample of Elta MD from my esthetician and OMG, I never went back. It's like a souffle for your skin! The soft, mousse-like consistency goes on so smoothly - no pulling or tugging. I add this tinted sunscreen as a last step before makeup and I am obsessed. I think I'm currently on my fourth refill...

9. Laneige Lip Mask: I cannot stop with this! There is a reason it finds itself on my "empties" list time and time again because I cannot control myself with this stuff. I recently bought the Too Faced's nice and has a cute shine to it, but I always go back to this overnight lip mask. Which, TBH, IDK why it's overnight because I use it seriously all day. I have one by my sink, bed, and even at the office because I'm hooked. #obsessed

10. Tarte Shape Tape: This trendy product got a lot of hype and it was probably from me! I add a little under my eyes (in a lighter shade than my concealer) and the effects of that nice, blurred, lighter shade look is goals! It doesn't cake, which is what it's known for because under the eye is so delicate. Most products don't work well with that, but this, this is the reason I look like I got 14 hours when we all know I really got 10 (I like my sleep). *Exclusively at Ulta.


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