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I love talking your ear off about all of the beauty products that I come home with, but the telling sign if something is worth the really what you empty. I never thought about what it looked like to see all of the products I emptied over the past month or so, so I decided to start an "empty bin". Every time I had something I was done with, I went and put it in the bin. Not only did I surprise myself by what I emptied, I also surprised myself by how many products I went through in a single month (maybe month and a half).

I don't want to say this is a big deal, but this is a BIG F****** DEAL because I hardly ever, EVER I tell you, empty a product. This has given me such a high from throwing these finished bottles in the bin, that I can see this becoming a ritual for me. It's like cheaper therapy. Then I know I can go and buy new products STAT.


Lush's SLEEPY Lotion is a small tub of lotion that I stumbled upon as I was literally walking by the Lush store (on my way to Sephora). I smelled this lushy product, walked in, requested to sniff test it, and bought it. Does it put me to sleep? Nothing but my CBD does, but this was a pretty close second IMO. It has the scent of *sleep* that you just know is about to knock you out. I think I need to get this as a stocking stuffer (wink wink).

Isle Of Paradise's Self Tanning Drops. I told a friend last night that I didn't want to brag, but like, I kinda helped put this on the map because I was such a huge fan from the start. I use one full drop for each leg and arm and then half a drop for my face about every 3 days. I always, always mix this in with lotion so it glides over my skin in a glossy way, rather than sticking to my dry skin. Tip: Always do this at night, after the bath or shower, right before bed.


Peter Thomas Roth Vitamin C Serum has slowly made its way into my nighttime routine. I never used a Vitamin C serum until one day I was reading about what to incorporate for my skin in an area that I was lacking and I came across Vit C. I quickly plugged this into my routine and the results have been superior for uneven skin tone. It does so much! We are all in need of adding this power packed serum to our routines.

Biopelle Tensage Daily Serum was suggested to me by my facialist after weeks of dry skin issues. It helps deliver advanced skin repair and within two uses, I could already see a difference. This is the second bottle I've gone through! Although the price tag might hold you back...

Dr. Dennis Gross Ferulic Acid + Retinol gives you a nice touch of retinol without being overbearing like a prescription retinol. I tried, oh so many times, to get on that prescription boat, but my skin always cracked and it was so uncomfortable. Thankfully they have many lower dose over the counter choices now. This product is a repurchase for me!

Tatcha The Dewy Skin Cream was (at first) given to me as a sample after I had a Clear + Brilliant facial and my skin was redder than a tomato. After I used it once and saw how hydrating and gentle it was on my skin, I went back for the larger version. Truth be told, I think this was the fastest I've ever gone through a moisturizer in my life. It's heavy, so I wear it at night, but not too heavy to break me out. It stays consistent and doesn't melt down to an oil (which is a plus when you are a face sleeper).

Dr. Dennis Gross Radiance Booster was part of a sample gift set and I used it right up. It helps with resurfacing and texture. My skin can always use a quick refresh!

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask is a 10/10 in literally everyone's book. I have never heard a bad review about this product. This was my third purchase of this luxurious lip mask and I shutter at the thought of a day when I don't have it. I use it all day, not just at night, so I make sure my lips stay hydrated!


The BrowGal was a random gifted item that I fell madly in love with. I have used Glossier, NYX and I feel like practically all other brow gels. This was the perfect balance of tint and gel delivered to my brows that (IMO) made the perfect look with minimal effort! I am SO excited to repurchase this bc I have been desperately trying to replace it with others in my collection and not having much luck.

NYX Brow Pencil is a must when it comes to truly defining your brows. The soft waxy tip is tiny for the perfect strokes on each hair to make it look super natural. My favorite color is the Brown Ash because I think it's flattering on most people's brow colors. This is a cult following (for me) item that I cannot live without. I always stock up on this because I can't ever be without!


L'Oreal Extraordinary Oil is $4 and literally changed my hair. It delivers the softest foaming cleanser that cleans your hair so well. I literally buy this once a month because the obsession is real!! With a price tag like this, we can afford the monthly usage.

Suave Dry Shampoo is a necessity when you're like me and hardly ever wash your hair. Why would you when your L'Oreal products are killing it?!? I use this soft powder like dry shampoo whenever my roots are at their worst. I have my kinda oily roots and then I have this game changer that allows that day 5 hair to really stay in the game!

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