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Do We Even Need Facials?

Ummmmm yes, yes we do! Somebody once told me that we should think of facials like going to the dentist. We clean our teeth every day, yet we still need to go see the dentist yearly for a thorough cleaning to make sure everything we are doing is keeping us on track. So you see, the same can be said for getting a facial. We really need that time to go in to get a specialized touch and have someone look at our faces to make sure we are doing absolutely everything we should be doing! It's the same as trying out a a new doctor. You need to figure out who you groove with and who isn't going to push products on you and ruin your vibe.

I always ask my facialist what she suggests we do for our hour session. I think going in with your mind set on what you think you need is not always the best idea. B/c let's be honest, we are not specialists (unless you are, then HMU) and we don't really know what our face needs.

Benefits of a Pro Facial

-Helps stimulate collagen

-Gives the skin a deep cleanse

-Releases toxins

-Gives you time to ask a pro about concerns

-Can help prevent ageing

-Helps with self-improvement (read here)

-Promotes lymphatic drainage

Most places that have facials have a monthly club that you can pay at the beginning of the month for a discounted rate, thus letting you get your facial every month (which is what I do). Others will have deep discounts on select facials each month that they can email you about when a deal happens. Soo many ways to save big $$$ here!

I, of course, spend most all my nights working on my own 150 product skin care routine, (nightly routine here) but there is just something to be said for getting a total scrub down with the most advanced products I just can't get my paws on! Trust me, I've tried and they won't let me buy the goods....

Try it out, let me know what you think!

XX, The Snob Edit


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