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Cleaning Makeup Brushes 101

As we sit at home and contemplate cleaning our makeup brushes one more time (because let's face it) what else do we have going on? The answer is nothing.

I'll be the first to admit that I often go too long without cleaning my brushes or tools I use for makeup application. Let's just really think about the dirt and grime that we let stay on our brushes for weeks at a time! Ick. Most pros suggest we wash all of our brushes weekly to avoid build up and bacteria forming on our sponges, brushes and tools. VOM to think about continuously putting bacteria on our faces day after day.

I recently read an article telling me all the beauty items I own that I need to replace and when. Let me tell you that when I looked around and noticed some things I hadn't replaced in years (i.e. loofah in the shower)...there were lots. Scary. One of the main things they discussed were the makeup sponges and brushes that, unlike shower tools, are not getting soap and being used on our face.

So these past two weeks of quarantine I have put my hygiene into full gear and cleaned my brushes once a week (right, only twice...but I bet it's more than you, so SMH). I was washing my brushes with my face wash and during my intense google search, I decided that was prob not my best plan of action. So I've ordered an actual makeup brush cleaner from Amazon.

Not only do I have a full face nighttime routine before bed, I also have an exfoliating schedule. This happens on Mondays (actual scrub) and Thursdays (face shave). I have dedicated face shave Thursdays to my weekly makeup brush cleaning. In the article, I read that if you are strapped for time and can only wash a few brushes, always go with your face brushes, okay duh, and skip the eye brushes since they don't hold as much bacteria (bc they aren't going all over your face). So basically you could do them every other week or so. Seems like a compromise I can take on.

Here is what I am currently using to take care of, not just the $$$ investment I spend on brushes, but also my face.

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