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Best Foundations For Your Skin Type

In my teens I was super oily and had double the trouble getting my skin to I was eating nachos everyday. No regrets. Flash forward to my 20's and my skin turned combo. In our 20's we'd start the day with a well-greased face, figuring out the dry spots as we went. We'd over-blot to get rid of the grease, stripping all of our oils in the process and therefore losing part, if not all of our MAC makeup before we hit the party down the block. Here comes the present day, aka 30's, and my face is like the Sahara desert in the middle of a Texas summer during the hottest part of the Fourth of July parade. OH and my face is also covered in grease by my 2pm snack. So to say I've been through it all is an understatement. I know you're with me here ladies.

So without further ado, I am sharing my favorite foundations that have gotten me to where I am now. Somewhat better than I started.

Estée Lauder Double Wear is like, everybody's favorite? And there is a reason for it. The formula of this foundation is full coverage, yet allows for a shear, easy spread when applying. I love this base bc I know it will last all day and won't allow smudges before that 3rd coffee.

I am a firm believer in a full coverage foundation but there is always an exception to the rule. I love the IT Cosmetics CC cream bc it's so buildable, but also so nice and light that it truly feels like you're wearing nothing. This is my go-to weekend fav because the dewy finish hides all of my hangover fluff.

Armani screams fancy so I knew before I even tried their foundation I was going to like it. There is no better feeling than knowing your makeup is better than you. This foundation is extremely light and covers exceptionally well, and I think that is really how it got a name for itself. I like to apply this foundation on a little heavier, so I often will make this my nighttime go-to so I don't look like I've tried too hard during the get it.

The stick. This power packed foundation stick has been a favorite for a few years. It's super creamy and delivers just the right amount of coverage. I like to add this stick over a lighter formula to make it a full coverage, double layer situation. It's such a staple in my beauty rotation!

And finally, the YSL All Hours came into my life by accident and I am so happy it did because it truly is a dream to wear during long days at the office. I love the consistency of it and how it stays put The color blends perfectly for me (somehow even when I'm tan, so like, it's magic) and leaves no trace of the dreaded neck line. A game changer for my office gals!

XX, The Snob Edit


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