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7 Steps for Self-Improvement

The concept of self-improvement seems v daunting and can often resonate with a low level of self-doubt. Although recently I’ve come to realize that that’s not the case. I think there are a few different thoughts to the term “self-improvement”, for instance… why wouldn’t we want to always be improving ourselves? Case and Point. We should always strive for this. No matter the situation, striving for better and seeking to improve ourselves should always be a must. Without it, we will never grow. So, I have noted below a few tips that have helped me gain control of the week, thus helping me “self-improve” and making me all around happier. 

1.     Outfit Prep- Like meal prep…but with clothes. Every Sunday night, I check my calendar and see what is on the “social cal” for the week. Based on this, I pick out my outfits a week in advance so that there is no guesswork or the dreaded “what the hell am I going to wear” come morning. Who doesn’t want 15 min of extra snooze? Yeah, I thought so.

2.     Meditation- Stick with me, it sounds boring (I know), but trust me when I say it really helps my day get started on the right foot. I spend 5 minutes, alone, every morning with my eyes closed (listen to a meditation app) and just take a few deep breaths before the day starts. I find that my anxiety is way lower and my day starts off on the right foot. Stuff may hit the fan later in the day, let’s be honest that’s life, but starting your morning with real reflecting and quiet time will at least get you moving in the right direction.

3.     Meal Planning- I know, I know this is so overstated, it seems like nowadays everyone and their mom is meal prepping. But I truly feel like it has been beneficial for me to plan my meals by 2’s so I don’t get stale food for the week. I make 2 lunches at a time and then one day, I can use that as my “day out” and grab lunch away from my desk! I do the same thing for breakfast; If I have a plan, I know I will eat the right portions and exactly what I should since I spent time making it. I make my full menu on Sundays and go to the grocery store and ONLY get what’s on my list so I don’t stray away…well, at least I try…

4.     Read a Book- Life gets really tough, and there are few things that can take us completely away from our thoughts. Reading is one of mine. I love reading because for 10, 15, 30 minutes I am taken into a world that isn’t mine. Whether you like mystery, love, sad, fiction, whatever it may be…you get to travel away from your own thoughts and lose yourself in someone else’s story! Bad day? Grab that book, "pack your bags" and head to Paris! Au revoir!

5.     A Mini Spa- OG followers you know I love a good steam and sheet mask (I really do this for my own beauty benefit). Sometimes life just sucks and you need a little pick-me-up. Whether that be putting on a face mask, painting your toes, or taking a bubble bath - this is a good time to be alone and scroll through your social media for 15 minutes. I love finding a quick fix to wanting to be alone and truly gaining something from this alone time, aka painted nails (what's better). I can’t express it enough when I say…treat yourself!

6.     Workout Plan- Tale as old as time… but actually listen, we have to workout. We don’t get a choice anymore (since turning 30) and we need to workout to keep our bodies and minds healthy. I like to book classes that I have to pay a fee, thus making me more pressured to attend because if I don’t, it’s a waste of money! This is a great way to hold yourself accountable. 

7.     Buy New Makeup- Some self-love can be as simple as just buying yourself something you don’t really need. My guilty pleasure is buying myself lipsticks when I'm feeling down. Take yourself down to Sephora, browse around, and buy some goodies. I guarantee when you get home and have a new lipstick and bronzer to use, your mood is instantly boosted a little. Tip: any outfit looks better when adding lipstick.

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