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5 Beauty Buys From Amazon

Since I have been spending so much time in the house, I decided to work my way through my beauty cabinet. I've found some old and new beauty favs to add to my all day skincare routine (don't judge me, I have nothing better to do).

Since Amazon is the next best thing to Central Market curbside pickup, I picked out my 5 most used items to share.

1. The Chin Mask - I'm not sure if this actually lifts your double chin like it says, but it does deliver a ton of product (more than a regular face mask because this is fitted specifically for the chin) and that is enough for me. Plus it's fun to use!

2. Weleda Skin Food - This was listed on Allure's Top Picks several times and after buying it I realized why. This product is thick and is packed with oils and beeswax, so it's perfect for my dry skin. I use it on my dry knuckles and elbows and the flaky, redness disappears over night. Magic! I like to go light on the product when I do use this (not every night) since it's so thick. I just pat it into my skin so I don't cause breakouts. So far, I've only seen soft, supple skin!

3. Derma Roller - I love using this product right after the shower when my skin is vulnerable. It basically pokes tiny holes in your top layer of skin (apply slight pressure, so you don't damage the area with force), alarming your body to recover and bring up new skin. It honestly sounds gross, but we really need the skin to turnover (just the same way as exfoliating does). I apply my serums right after I roll my face (about 6 times in each spot, then switch directions) so that they are absorbed deeper. Clean the roller with rubbing alcohol after each use.

4. Ice Roller - The same way warm/hot water opens up your pores, cold water closes them. After I do my morning skincare routine, I roll my face with my ice roller (stored in my freezer) to seal up my pores after drenching them with product. Talk about a wake up call!

5. ROC Daily Resurfacing Disks - I only exfoliate my skin twice a week, but there are days in between that I need a small amount of buffing. These resurfacing disks do just the job. I've been using these for years and I always find them gentle, yet effective, in helping to keep breakouts and dry skin away.

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